What would our city look like if we actively and generously showed bold love to our neighbors, coworkers, and community on a personal level? Clear Creek Community Church, 2017 is the year we GO BOLD!

What is Go Bold?


What does it look like to Go Bold?

To “go bold” in its simplest terms is to actively go and show love to those in our lives. It could range from simply buying someone a cup of coffee to doing something big like starting an organization that helps others… the ways we can show bold love are endless.


A Message from Senior Pastor, Bruce Wesley:

At Clear Creek Community Church, we have big hopes for 2017. One of those hopes is that we might be people who show bold love to the world around us. God set the precedent for love when he sent Christ to give of himself and ultimately pay the price that we owed. So now we, as his people, are compelled to share this bold love of God with the people in our lives, loving them the way He loved us so that they might come to know him.

In this new year we hope to start a movement that can’t be ignored, a revolution, in our community where people choose to step out to boldly love their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even complete strangers.

Join the Revolution!

A revolution is defined as a movement designed to effect fundamental change in a society. That’s exactly what God’s love does! And that’s what God will do in our community through us if we will be available and active in loving others. In 2017, we want to be a people who create, act, and inspire.


Let’s create a culture where the love of God is courageously demonstrated to the people in our lives and to the partners in our community.


Let’s commit to do the challenges we will be given every other week to help us serve others on a personal level. Love takes action and it takes all of us!


Let’s inspire each other with stories of how bold love is impacting our community. To share these stories doesn’t promote us… it shows how big God’s love is!

Go Bold is a revolution for the 4B area.

For Clear Creek Community Church, we commit to actively demonstrate this bold love to those in the 4B area: from the Beltway (south Houston) to the Beach (Galveston) and from the Bay (Galveston and Liberty Bay) to Brazoria County. To learn more about our 2020 vision and future campuses, click the button below:

Our 4B Vision

Day to Day

Every day we come in contact with someone who could use a bold kind of love, and there are hundreds of ways we can do that. We will be providing creative ideas and resources to help us think about how we can actively love those in our lives.


Every two weeks we will give you a personal challenge to help motivate and inspire you to act in your love for others, be it at where you work, in your neighborhood, and/or with others you interact with in your daily life.

Helping Organizations

Small groups at CCCC partner with our GO Ministry to regularly serve organizations that we partner with. Whether you are currently in a small group or not, we invite you to serve in this way. Click HERE for a list of our partners. Click HERE to see the latest ways you can go bold.

Campus Initiatives

Throughout the year, each campus will have specific initiatives they will do as a campus. One example of this would be a drive of some sort (food drive, baby shower drive, etc.) benefitting organizations that we partner with.