Risky Business

I’ve always been a risk-taker. My whole life. More than likely, it could be traced to my family of origin, the brokenness of my life, part of my sin struggle, and just the consequence of living in a broken, fallen world. It looked different for me in different stages of my life.

As a child, a fight never scared me. I was always willing to put my reputation on the line, and chanced my pride along with my physical well being to get what I wanted. As the youngest of four children, it was commonplace for me to regularly engage in brawls with my siblings and fellow neighborhood kids. As I grew into adulthood, my risk no longer involved fist fights in the backyard (or at least not as often), but continued with a total lack of regard for the outcomes of my decisions. At times, that lifestyle proved to be very injurious.

But when I came to understand the gospel, I started to wonder how or what I would do with this risk-taker side of who I was. It was clear that I was a new creation in Christ. But was my willingness to take risks a broken side of me that would be uprooted and made into a pretty little Sunday morning package?

Not at all.

By the way, we all take risks. Some of us are calculated about it and some are reckless, but we all do it. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you give that up. Rather, Jesus welcomes risk-takers. Taking risks to further the kingdom of God are opportunities to do things that are so countercultural that the outcomes are no longer “harmful” but now leave us in awe of the faithfulness of the One who directs our ‘risks.’

So as we Go Bold this year it’s my hope that, from the risks you take, you will experience a deeper trust and faith in God, a deeper desire to love your neighbor the way you’ve been loved in Christ. It’s my prayer that any fear or aversion to risk would be replaced by a boldness that marks every area of your life.

Going bold might mark a new beginning for some risk-takers in 2017. Going bold might start a revolution in our community. Going bold might reignite our passion to make the gospel known as we remember time and time again the love we’ve been given so freely and boldly by God in Christ.

It might do all of that.

It might do more.

It’s a risk we’ll have to take.

– Karl Garcia, Clear Lake Campus Pastor

One thought on “Risky Business

  1. Thank you the risk taking nudge! Non-Christians think it’s boring to be a Christian but how many would completely swim against the world’s accepted current and speak out when maybe the majority is against them? That’s taking a risk! I’m thinking about training as a navigator under Patty Turner. So I’m praying that this may be God’s next step for me. Risk takers unite under God’s guidance!

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