For the Love of Gear

My garage is a museum dedicated to my current and former hobbies. I find that I only have time for one hobby in my life at a time. So when I find that hobby, I go all out. I research all the gear. I get all the gear. I build displays to show off the gear. I love the gear.

Each wall, corner, and rafters in the ceiling of my garage showcase a season in my life when I was obsessed with something new. You can see my hunting phase exhibit on one wall. The fishing exhibit has a section for fly fishing, saltwater and freshwater. You should see all the gear. It’s impressive.

My most recent hobby is triathlons. Three sports in one. Lots of gear.

As we said in week 3 of the Bold Love series, “You give like crazy to the things you love like crazy.” When you look at my garage, you see quite clearly some of the things I love.

I try to use seasons like Bold Love to do a heart check for me. It’s a time to ask myself tough questions about how I use the resources God has given me.

What does my money, time, and energy tell me about what I love?
Does my life showcase my love for Jesus or other things?
Does how I spend my money exhibit a generous heart?
If I were to ask my kids what they think I love most of all, what would they say?

Ouch. I need a gear check every once in a while. It’s probably time to clear out the garage of some things and put others in their proper place.

I’m using this season to ask God to show me how I can intentionally revaluate how my family gives, saves, and spends our resources so that our lives would exhibit Bold Love.

– Ryan Lehtinen, Egret Bay Campus Pastor

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