Stories are important. They force us to look beyond the things we can only see on the outside, aid us as we build relationships, and help us understand each other.

But maybe the most powerful aspect of stories is that we all have one.

Whether you’re a high school student or a grandfather, all of our experiences, decisions, personality, and social circles come together to form a unique journey through life that is all our own.

For a follower of Jesus, the narrative of how the gospel of Jesus has intersected your life is the defining chapter of your story.

By faith every follower of Jesus Christ has been rescued by God’s grace, brought from death to life, and now lives with an eternal hope in a reconciled relationship with God. How you came to believe that truth, what your life was like before Christ, and how you’re living out your faith today are all integral parts that comprise the story of you.

But sadly, many Christians downplay their stories, feeling that they don’t measure up or may even bore people. They think that if their story isn’t dramatic enough, it isn’t worth telling.

In reality, everyone’s story is significant.

Even if you weren’t a drug dealing gang member at the age of seven, your story of being rescued by God’s grace is still beautiful and significant. It’s a grand story because it’s the telling of how the Creator of the universe, and the author of the greatest story ever told, saved you, made you alive, rewrote your story, and continues to walk with you in this life. What could possibly be unimportant, boring, or insignificant about any of that?

You see, telling your story plays a major role in declaring the gospel to the world around us. It leads to deeper conversations about the message and meaning of Christ.

Many stories begin the same. But because of the way the gospel narrative has intersected your own, the rest of your story will look much different from many others, intriguing, and maybe most importantly, hopeful to the world around you.

As you develop closer relationships with people who are not followers of Jesus in your circles, ask them good questions, and get to know their story, their hopes and their dreams. And then ask God to give you opportunities to share your story.

– Ryan Lehtinen, Egret Bay Campus Pastor

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