The Birthday List

My wife’s birthday is this month. To be honest, I’m not a great gift giver. But luckily for me that’s not how she feels loved. She feels loved when she is served well, and she feels loved with words of encouragement. So this month I am writing notes of encouragement every day leading up to her birthday. Mainly, I’m leaving sticky notes on the bathroom mirror each morning that include a reason why I believe this year will be her best year yet.

Clear Creek Community Church celebrates a birthday this month too. I won’t say how old my wife will be, but CCCC turns 24 years old on October 31, 2017. What started as a church plant in 1993 has grown to a multi-site church reaching thousands of people each weekend. What began with the mission of leading unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, is doing just that in it’s 24th year through an emphasis we’ve called “Go Bold.”

The big idea behind Go Bold is to actively and generously show the love of Christ to our neighbors, friends, and community throughout 2017 (and hopefully beyond).

As of mid-October that’s exactly what has happened. We’ve seen God do some incredible things through the people of our church. And, to be honest, he hasn’t needed Go Bold to do it, but in his grace, he chooses to use his people to accomplish his mission, and Go Bold has gotten to play a role in that.

The best part is he’s not done, which means we aren’t either. And just like words of encouragement inspire and re-energize my wife, our words can do the same for the people in our church doing their best to Go Bold, and help those who haven’t jumped in discover what all of this is about.

So what if we gave CCCC an early birthday present and created a list of reasons why Go Bold matters, and how it’s already made an impact? I’ll get us started with a few, but, please, add to it! In the comments section of this post on Facebook and Instagram share you stories of ways you’ve seen Go Bold in action this year to encourage us all to finish strong.

  1. GO BOLD has shown the love of Christ in tangible ways.
  2. GO BOLD gave us a reason to get to know our neighbors.
  3. GO BOLD called hundreds of volunteers to action supporting local non-profits and ministry partners in our community.
  4. GO BOLD challenged us to leave our comfort zones.
  5. GO BOLD is teaching our children the importance of loving and serving our community.
  6. GO BOLD led us into Bold Love – the next step in our 4B Vision.
  7. GO BOLD threw some great block parties and neighborhood events.
  8. #GOBOLD has trended on social media in League City, Clear Lake, Friendswood and Dickinson.
  9. GO BOLD washed fire trucks, served police officers, visited nursing homes, and served an animal shelter on a Community Impact Day this spring.
  10. GO BOLD adopted and fostered children in our community.
  11. GO BOLD played a big part in helping us launch our 5th Campus – East 96.
  12. GO BOLD mentored and tutored children in CCISD.
  13. GO BOLD hosted school supply, food, and baby drives.
  14. GO BOLD helped prepare our hearts for Hurricane Harvey.
  15. GO BOLD mobilized thousands of CCCC volunteers to muck out houses.
  16. GO BOLD washed hundreds of loads of laundry.
  17. GO BOLD cooked countless meals for people in need
  18. GO BOLD challenged small groups to serve together and many have done so.
  19. GO BOLD helped provide generous monetary donations to Go Partners in the 4B area.
  20. GO BOLD invited our friends and neighbors to worship services.
  21. GO BOLD reached people with the gospel that may have otherwise been unreached.
  22. GO BOLD opened homes to friends who were displaced by Harvey.
  23. GO BOLD expanded our view of generosity.
  24. GO BOLD has challenged our priorities.

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment, or share this post, telling us what you’ve seen through this year of Go Bold.

– Aaron Lutz, East 96 Campus Pastor

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