The Perfect Person for the Job

A group of masked invaders are armed with hammers, pry bars, wheel barrels, and shovels. They look on, impatiently waiting for directions.

“Was it in the flood water?”

“Has FEMA been here?”

“Has your insurance adjuster been here?”

You can see the anxiety on her face.  A whole host of decisions need to be made on the spot. She could have never anticipated having to make these decisions and she has no experience to serve as a basis for her choices. She has no way to know the financial consequences of her choices. She is very much at the mercy of the masked invaders. They gather around waiting to hear what she chooses to do and their presence compounds the stress.

Mike pulls her aside. He is calm. He is knowledgeable. He is experienced. He has spent years building houses and years dealing with emotional, anxious homeowners. He patiently describes the construction issues relevant to each decision. He explains the ease or difficulty of replacing or rebuilding, and the probable cost of each one. He is careful to explain the dangers of mold but rationally and sensibly. He gives her options she has no other way of knowing she has. He explains which decisions can wait and which part of the work should be done while the masked invaders are present. For every choice she needs to make he gently emphasizes that he will support her decision.

Mike has earned her trust. He is not in a rush. He does not pressure her. He leads his team of masked invaders to be careful and conscientious. Every exposed nail is pulled. Every floor is swept and vacuumed. Everything that can be saved is saved. He genuinely wants to know if there is anything more she needs from him or his team.

Serving with Mike in houses that were flooded by Harvey gave me an up close and personal look at how God can use each of us to show Bold Love. I don’t know if it has even occurred to Mike, but God put him in that woman’s house because God had prepared him for years to be the kind of presence Mike is uniquely gifted and experienced to be in her life and her home after a hurricane.  Like so many who led and served in the aftermath of Harvey, Mike is a quiet hero.

I know huge events like Harvey shine a spotlight on the kinds of gifts Mike has. But I also know there are “mini-Harveys” that go on around us all the time. You can’t, and you don’t have to, know how to respond to them all. But God has been preparing you and me for years in the same way he has been preparing Mike. We just have to do what Mike did – make our gifts and experience available to God when we are the person who can make a huge difference for someone who is enduring a “Harvey.” That is what Bold Love is all about.

– Greg Poore, Associate Pastor

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