Challenge #1

We thought the best way to start out 2017 with our first challenge is to utilize what the new year brings: resolutions. In the next couple of weeks, we want to challenge you to: commit to support a friend or coworker with their New Year’s resolution. There are so many creative ways to help: send an encouraging note, offer to help with accountability, even offer to work out with them! Feel free to get creative!

Challenge #2

We want to challenge everyone in the next couple of weeks to share a meal. It could be with neighbors, coworkers or friends. If you’re a cook, it could be with someone you know whose family lives out of town and might like a home-cooked meal. It could be with an elderly person who lives alone or buying dinner for your child’s little league buddy and his/her family. There are lots of ways to share a meal!

Challenge #3

It’s February! Our next challenge is probably too obvious: share some love for Valentine’s Day! It could be offering to watch someone’s kids so their parents can go out to dinner; giving out candy at work or in the neighborhood; making valentines as a family and taking them to a retirement facility, or for teachers, custodial or cafeteria staff; doing something nice for someone who is widowed. So many options!

Challenge #4

It’s time for some random acts of kindness in your neighborhood! This could range from having a clean up day to pick up trash around your subdivision, put a neighbor’s trash or recycle bins back, clean someone’s trash bins (they’re usually disgusting), mow a lawn, wash some cars, rake some leaves, sweep a sidewalk or driveway, trim some trees, whatever floats your boat. Let’s love on our neighborhoods!

Challenge #5

It’s March! Let’s take advantage of Spring Break. Put together a March Madness bracket or throw a bracket party; be outside in your front yard more; help watch kids of working parents who can’t take the week off; plan a playdate with another family; find out who is going to be in town during spring break and have a cookout; if you know someone who is going out of town, offer to watch their pets or water their plants, etc.

Challenge #6

We are less than a month from celebrating Easter, so this challenge is timely: Decide now who you are going to invite this year to Easter! A recent study said that 80% of people said they would visit a church if invited by a friend. Let’s be those friends! Think about a neighbor or co-worker or friend you know who doesn’t attend church and talk to them now about going with you this year.

Challenge #7

Our previous challenge was to simply begin to think about and decide who we are going to invite to Easter this year. Now? It’s time to put that into action! Challenge #7: Intentionally invite someone to Easter! So many of us can look back and pinpoint the person who invited us to church, who took that step to reach out and ask. The person(s) we ask might just say yes! Easter is April 16th. Don’t wait too long!

Challenge #8

This special challenge is a part of our Bold Love commitment campaign: be a part of your campus’s Community Impact Day on Saturday, April 29. On that day, we will go into our communities and serve several local organizations in a variety of ways: cleaning fire stations, organizing inventory at a food bank, handyman projects at a couple of schools, and many more. Join us and show bold love to our community!

Challenge #9

On May 10 and 14, we will be hosting a Baby Shower Drive as a part of our Bold Love commitment campaign. Your challenge is easy: bring items to donate to one of our Go Local Partners. On May 3 and 7, we will hand out Baby Shower Drive bags for you to take and fill up with some of the items listed on the bag. These items will assist those in our community who struggle financially to provide for their families.

Challenge #10

It’s summer! School is out and kids are at home all day! To take advantage of summer, your next challenge is: do something in your neighborhood to celebrate summer! Here are some ideas: throw a block party, invite some neighbors over for a cookout, spend evenings out in your driveway talking to neighbors, get the ice cream truck to come hang out for a while, throw a pool party. Ideas are endless!

Challenge #11

The challenge this week? “Pay” it forward! Offer to pay for the person behind you in the Drive-Thru line, in line at the grocery store, convenience store, etc. Be cognoscente of someone who might cross your path who is in need financially. Be respectful. Be subtle. Be generous. Go bold with your money!

Challenge #12

It’s hot! Carry extra bottles of water with you to give to those who are out in the heat. Buy extra water the next time you go to the store so you’re prepared to share. Maybe stop and give water to those who are working outside. Take a cooler filled with extra water to offer to those at the ballfield or beach or neighborhood pool. (You could technically do this challenge until October)