What does it look like to Go Bold?

To “go bold” in its simplest terms is to actively go and show love to those in our lives. It could range from simply buying someone a cup of coffee to doing something big like starting an organization that helps others… the ways we can show bold love are endless.


A Message from Senior Pastor, Bruce Wesley:

At Clear Creek Community Church, we have big hopes for 2017. One of those hopes is that we might be people who show bold love to the world around us. God set the precedent for love when he sent Christ to give of himself and ultimately pay the price that we owed. So now we, as his people, are compelled to share this bold love of God with the people in our lives, loving them the way He loved us so that they might come to know him.

In this new year we hope to start a movement that can’t be ignored, a revolution, in our community where people choose to step out to boldly love their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even complete strangers.